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Lauren from Florida Calls a Locksmith ?>

Lauren from Florida Calls a Locksmith

FloridaOne of my clients in Florida called me today to let me know how much they loved my blog post on the benefits of using a moving company. They said they would definitely consider the company I mentioned, but they also wanted to know if I knew any good locksmiths in the same area. Since they asked, I figured it would be a good time not only to answer their question in a public forum (so everyone can benefit!), but also to discuss why having a reliable and trustworthy locksmith is important for everyone. (Thanks for the idea, Lauren!)

Firstly, let’s begin with why you should call a locksmith when you move into a new place. I think the answer is pretty obvious, but in case it’s not… If the home you’re moving into isn’t brand-spanking new, that is to say that it’s been previously owned or lived in, then that means someone else has had keys to your front door, your back door, your windows, and any other locked entryways to your home. As much as I’d like to believe someone when they say they’re giving me the only Faulty Lockexisting copy of a key, I just don’t trust anyone that much. So, I call a locksmith to switch out all the locks instead.

Sure, you can probably change out the locks yourself, but I think it’s worth saving yourself the hassle and having a professional do it. Experts, like those at Homestead Locksmith (there’s your answer, Lauren!) can perform new lock installations in your new place much faster than you can. They can also ensure that the locks are installed properly and safely. What good is a lock if it’s attached correctly to the door? And since you’ve called them out to your property, I would have them take a look around the house and see if they can spot any other locations where there should be a lock.

You really don’t have to wait until you’re moving to someplace new before you find a locksmith you want to Basic RGBwork with. I think it’s always a great idea to have the number of a good locksmith in your cell phone. Unfortunately, you never know what’s going to happen and when you’re going to need them to rescue you. I know I’ve locked myself out of my car a couple of times! Most locksmith companies, including Homestead Locksmith 24/7, can perform residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services, which is great. I know that whenever I have any key or ignition issues with my car, it’s typically cheaper to have a locksmith provide the services than to get it done at the dealer.

I don’t want to say it, because I truly hope this never happens to any of you, but if your house gets broken into, the first company you’re going to want to call (after the police,

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My Moving Checklist ?>

My Moving Checklist

Houston Food BankRecently, I blogged about a moving company based out of South Florida that I love, but all that talk of moving and great moving companies brought another one to mind that I wanted to mention to all of my future clients in Texas. The name of the company is Hercules Movers & Packers. They are based out of Houston and provide moving services to the greater Houston area. This company is really fantastic. For starters, I want to mention that they are affiliated with the Houston Food Bank, which is America’s largest food bank. I don’t know about you, but that kind of affiliation speaks volumes about a company!

As I’ve already gone on about, working with professional movers can be a real lifesaver. They help take the stress out of moving by coordinating all aspects of the move. I’m not talking about throwing boxes onto the back of a truck and getting them to your new location! With expert movers, you pretty much just tell them what you’re moving, where you’re moving from and to, and when you need to move by. From that kind of information they can start planning out your whole move, while you can kick back, relax, and watch the moving magic unfold.

I like checklists – they help keep me organized both in my personal life and in my business, which is why I can appreciate the fact that Hercules Movers & Packers emphasizes the checklist. Before starting a move it’s important to put together a checklist of your possessions. This way you know what needs to be moved, the movers know how to price you correctly, and at the end of the move, everything can be counted and everyone can enjoy peace of mind.

How to Move a PianoYou know, in my last blog I spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of long-distance and local moving services for people relocating all of their possessions to a new residence (or business), so now I want to talk about the other services moving companies can offer, like fine art and piano moving. I don’t have a piano, but I do have a couple of fine art pieces I acquired after I started doing well in the hospitality industry. These pieces are my babies and I would be very upset if they were damaged in transport to their new home. Let’s not forget to mention that they’re also pricey pieces… Some professional moving companies, like Hercules Movers & Packers, are prepared to handle moves of delicate and expensive items. Not only do they have the equipment to move these pieces carefully, but they’re also insured, so if anything does get damaged at the fault of the mover you can expect some compensation.

Another nice thing about Hercules Movers & Packers is that they’ve got their own 20,000 square-foot storage facility. That’s pretty useful, especially if you’re in-between selling a house and buying a new one or if you’re temporarily relocating somewhere.

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Moving Cross County from Florida to Seattle ?>

Moving Cross County from Florida to Seattle

SeattleIt’s been over 16 years since I moved cross country from Florida to Seattle, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. What a hassle! Thankfully, I was just starting out on my own and didn’t really have much to call my own, but still, I had my bedroom furniture and at least a small room full of boxes. I remember the frustration I felt while coordinating the move. At the time, I wasn’t making much money, so I decided to do everything on my own. In retrospect, I should have let a moving company handle it for me. It would have saved me time, worry, and maybe even some money.

Always On The Lookout

Since I’m now in the realty business, I make it a point to find great companies and services that can benefit my clients, such as moving companies. Once my clients hear about how frustrating my personal moving experience was, they typically jump at the On the Lookoutidea of hiring a moving company. I tell them there are so many benefits to working with professional movers. First, and most importantly, they can help you coordinate everything. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Luckily, movers do this for a living and always know exactly what should be done first.

I have worked with several clients in South Florida and through the course of my business I’ve found one company in particular that I love to recommend to clients in that area – Top Notch Movers. Everyone at Top Notch Movers is always friendly, professional, and very helpful. My clients have raved about their services, stating that the company made moving a breeze. Another nice thing about this Ft. Lauderdale moving company is that they can help with local as well as long-distance moves. So, just because they’re based out of Fort Lauderdale, doesn’t mean you’ve got to be moving into that area to take advantage of their services.

Packing Experts

Packing ExpertsOne of the best things about working with professional movers is that they’re experts in packing your stuff. You think you know how to pack your stuff, but when you watch the professionals do it, it’s nothing short of amazing. They know what items can go together in boxes, how to maximize space, and how to place and wrap your valuables, so there’s no damage done in the process. And speaking of valuables, many moving companies guarantee that your property will arrive at your new location unharmed or they’ll provide some form of compensation. That’s a pretty great deal!

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to leave it up to the professionals whenever possible. And a lot of times it’s more affordable than you think! Top Notch Movers actually provides their customers with flexible pricing options as well as flexible payment options. Since the estimate is free,

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Samantha Vail ?>

Samantha Vail

Hello, my name is Samantha Vail. To tell you a little about myself, I began my career in the hotel business. I first started as the concierge of a hotel that rhymes with Milton. I enjoyed my year as a concierge before deciding to venture away from rhymes Wilton. I moved cross-country from Florida to Seattle and worked as a front desk receptionist before making my way up to hotel management. That’s where I flourished. I loved being in charge of the hotel and running things from behind the scenes. I also loved that I got to be in charge and set new standards for the hotel (rhymes with Clyatt).

After 16 years of dedication, I decided to venture off on my own. I felt I had learned as much as I could from my career, and so I decided to go back to school to get my realty license. From there, my goal was to create a new company that was focused on finding vacation rental places of the highest quality for the lowest of prices. Once I had my license, I decided to open up my own web page and I started looking for people in the city who wanted to rent out their places for a quick buck while they were away on vacations of their own. I started off slow and small because I was a one-woman team. After several craigslist ads, I found a handful of people who kept in touch with me regularly whenever they travelled. And from there, I found clients who wanted to rent out their apartments or homes while they moved away.

Soon, I found myself competing with Airbnb! What horror to find myself battling a new online powerhouse. I continued my adventure with the rental places and found that I was favored more by the people who would contact me because word of mouth was sounder than any ole’ online review. But, I needed those online reviews as well. So, here I am with a website looking for testimonials. I hope to get more Yelp reviews as well because so far I have had nothing but positive reviews. I am dreading the day I get a negative review. But if the negative reviews to come in, I am ready to face the challenge head on and help change the person’s view on their experience by giving them a second opportunity to see have a wonderful experience to counteract the bad one they may have had.

I hope you give me the opportunity to help you find a great rental place and that you love everything about your mini-vacation, new home or temporary situation!

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