“Pick” a Locksmith for Your Business ?>

“Pick” a Locksmith for Your Business

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some information with you about a locksmith company in South Florida that I recommended to my friend Lauren. Today, I want to talk about another one, but this time I want to tell you about my friend Zane, who happens to own a business in the city of Aventura. Zane owns a small consulting firm with somewhere between 10 and 20 employees. He’s a pretty busy guy with a lot of meetings to attend, so he doesn’t get to spend too much time in the office. That’s why it was so important for him to work with a commercial locksmith when he opened up his physical location in Aventura.

While we all like to think that every employee is honest and cares about the business as much as the owner does, that’s not always the case. Zane, who has plenty of sensitive client information at his location, knew that safeguarding that information was priority #1, which is why he called Aventura Locksmith for help with installation of a safe, as well as locking filing cabinets. They helped set him up with the right type of safe as well as installed several filing cabinets. But, for Zane, this was just step one.

To help keep track of who is in the office and who isn’t, Zane asked Aventura Locksmith to install an access control system. He chose one with a keypad entry system, since he was worried about employees losing their access cards. Zane told me that one of the best features of the access control system is that he can restrict or allow access during certain hours, so if there is an employee who should never be at the office after-hours, he can ensure that doesn’t happen. That’s a pretty nice feature!

You know, there’s a lot more that a commercial locksmith can do than just fix broken locks or replace lost keys. They can help make sure your business is safe, not only by installing things like safes and locking cabinets, but by inspecting doors and frames or putting in high-security locks. They can even install exit devices, gate locks, and door closers. I know most of us don’t think of all that when we think of a locksmith company, but all those are important components!

I asked Zane what working with Aventura Locksmith was like and he told me they were great. They were really professional and worked quickly for him, which he liked, because, like I mentioned, he’s a pretty busy guy. He said he liked them so much, he even had them come out to his house and do a security assessment of his home. This company has some really good reviews on their website and they seem to be able to do it all, so if you’re looking for a quality residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith company in the Aventura area, it might be worth it to check them out.

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