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Cool Custom Tees

Every AccomplishmentAll right guys, today I’m going to let you in on a little guilty secret – I love inspirational quotes and funny memes found on the internet. I love it even more when I see people on the street wearing shirts with some of those same quotes and memes on them. I know, it’s cheesy, but it always makes me laugh or brightens my day! In fact, I’m thinking about getting some of my favorites printed on a few shirts myself! I may be an adult woman, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun on my days off.

While I was looking for a cool custom t-shirt company, I came across Make A Tee Online. The company is based out of Coral Springs, Florida and they’ve got a lot of cool products to offer. Along with t-shirts for men, women, and kids, they can also customize hoodies, bags, hats, aprons, mugs, pillow cases, and more. Hmm… I think a tote bag with Mr. Fluffernutter’s face on it would be a great idea for our doggie park visits. Oh, and a mug with my favorite inspirational quote on it would be a great way to start the day!

No_glove_no_love_logoOne of the cool things about Make A Tee Online is that you can design your product or choose from one of their design ideas. Even if you go with one of their designs, you can still customize with your own colors or bonus designs. They’ve got a lot of preset designs for everything from politics to holiday seasons. I like the idea of starting off with a preset design for group things, like family reunions or sports teams. Sometimes it can be really hard to pick a theme that everyone likes, so it’s just easier to go with a design that’s pretty basic, but still unique to your group. When I was still in college, I played softball for a team that called themselves “No Glove, No Love.” We designed our own shirts by hand at the time, but think of how cool it would’ve been to have professionally designed custom t-shirts!

There are a lot of custom t-shirt companies out there these days. It seems like everyone is opening up a shop! But one of the reasons why I liked Make A Tee Online is that they don’t charge you any setup or art fees, like a lot of the other big companies. They also don’t upcharge on their cool stock graphics, which is nice! Finally, there’s no minimum order. I don’t want a company that’s going to make me order 25 shirts in Fundraisinga specific design, especially if I’m just ordering some fun shirts for myself. With Make A Tee Online I can order a Mr. Fluffernutter tote bag, a Grumpy Cat hoodie, a “Never Let Go of Your Dreams” mug, and maybe some other ones I’m not totally ready to admit on the internet.

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