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Moving Cross County from Florida to Seattle ?>

Moving Cross County from Florida to Seattle

SeattleIt’s been over 16 years since I moved cross country from Florida to Seattle, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. What a hassle! Thankfully, I was just starting out on my own and didn’t really have much to call my own, but still, I had my bedroom furniture and at least a small room full of boxes. I remember the frustration I felt while coordinating the move. At the time, I wasn’t making much money, so I decided to do everything on my own. In retrospect, I should have let a moving company handle it for me. It would have saved me time, worry, and maybe even some money.

Always On The Lookout

Since I’m now in the realty business, I make it a point to find great companies and services that can benefit my clients, such as moving companies. Once my clients hear about how frustrating my personal moving experience was, they typically jump at the On the Lookoutidea of hiring a moving company. I tell them there are so many benefits to working with professional movers. First, and most importantly, they can help you coordinate everything. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Luckily, movers do this for a living and always know exactly what should be done first.

I have worked with several clients in South Florida and through the course of my business I’ve found one company in particular that I love to recommend to clients in that area – Top Notch Movers. Everyone at Top Notch Movers is always friendly, professional, and very helpful. My clients have raved about their services, stating that the company made moving a breeze. Another nice thing about this Ft. Lauderdale moving company is that they can help with local as well as long-distance moves. So, just because they’re based out of Fort Lauderdale, doesn’t mean you’ve got to be moving into that area to take advantage of their services.

Packing Experts

Packing ExpertsOne of the best things about working with professional movers is that they’re experts in packing your stuff. You think you know how to pack your stuff, but when you watch the professionals do it, it’s nothing short of amazing. They know what items can go together in boxes, how to maximize space, and how to place and wrap your valuables, so there’s no damage done in the process. And speaking of valuables, many moving companies guarantee that your property will arrive at your new location unharmed or they’ll provide some form of compensation. That’s a pretty great deal!

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to leave it up to the professionals whenever possible. And a lot of times it’s more affordable than you think! Top Notch Movers actually provides their customers with flexible pricing options as well as flexible payment options. Since the estimate is free,

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